Eva Demski

Eva Demski was born in 1944 in Regensburg, Germany. She studied German language amd literature, history of art and philosophy in Mainz and Freiburg. Since then she has worked as a translator, a dramaturge assistant and an editor for various publishing houses. She regularly writes for Hessen radio. In 1989, she became a lecturer at the University in Paderborn. Her works include: Golden child (1979), Dead Alive (1984), Hotel Hell, Good Morning (1987) and House of Fools (1997). Eva Demski has received a number of literary prizes and awards: the Klagenfurt Award (1981), Regensburg Cultural Prize (1987), Goethe Medal (Frankfurt, 1990). Eva Demski lives in Frankurt am Mainz.
Dead Alive (part)

His apartment had been left in semidarkness; only slivers of sun forced their way through the blades of the venetian blinds. When his wife reached the place after getting word that he was dying, the first thing she did was to let in light and air. The man wasn’t yet fully dead, but already she was beginning to brush him aside, to mock his wishes. He had hated sunlight and fresh air, detested vegetables and walks on unpaved ground. He took to his heels at the approach of vitamins in any form. But today he was no longer able to defend himself.