9th Prague Writers´ Festival: Programme

Celetná Theatre


Monday, 12 April : Swedish Day
11.00 „The Nobel Prize“ : with Sture Allén, Ingmar Karlsson, Per Olov Enquist
15.00 Readings: Eva Runefelt, Niklas Radström, Katarina Frostenson
17.00 Exhibition: Opening of “Betrayed by Light” photo portraits of renowned authors by Rossano B. Maniscalchi at Old Town Gallery
19.00 Readings: Per Olov Enquist (Sweden), Antonia Fraser (Great Britain), Harold Pinter (Great Britain)

Tuesday, 13 April : German Day
10.00 Publishers Forum: book launch for Festival authors
11.00 Herta Müller
Goethe Institute
14.00 Parker Prize Ceremony
15.00 Readings: Eva Demski and Ingo Schulze
19.00 Theatre: premiere “The Image Makers” Per Olov Enquist
Komedie Theatre
19.00 Readings: W. G. Sebald (Germany), Erich Hackl (Austria), Ishmael Reed (USA)

Wednesday, 14 April : Hungarian Day
11.30 Conversation: “Unwritten Laws” : György Konrád and Miklós Haraszti
Hungarian Institute
15.00 Readings: Zsuzsa Rakovszky, Lajos Parti Nagy, András Ferenc Kovács
19.00 Readings: Péter Esterházy (Hungary), Anne Michaels (Canada), S³awomir Mro¿ek (Poland)

Thursday, 15 April : Australian Day
10.00 “Visiting Greylands with Isobelle Carmody”
City Library
11.00 Conversation: “Christmas in the Bush” : Frank Moorhouse, ´Janette Turner Hospital, and Brian Castro
15.00 Readings: Isobelle Carmody, Brian Castro, Janette Turner Hospital
19.00 Readings: Frank Moorhouse (Australia), Spiros Vergos (Greece), Michal Viewegh (Czech Republic)

Friday, 16 April : Italian Day
13.00 Invocation: Olbram Zoubek “In Praise of Vladimír Holan”
15.00 Readings: Giuliana Morandini and Dacia Maraini
19.00 Readings: Roberto Calasso (Italy), Rui Zink (Portugal), D. M. Thomas (Great Britain)